Police and Therapy Dogs for Sale


If you’re looking for a canine that has been specially trained to perform a specific job or a working dog to assist you, you will probably need to look beyond the standard places most people look for pet dogs. Police dogs and therapy dogs are extraordinary animals and can be more difficult to find than pet dogs. Getting a dog that has been specially breed and selected to become a working dog is the best way to ensure the animal is capable of performing it’s duties effectively, and getting an animal that has already been trained and is experienced at its job can save you a huge amount of time and energy in training.


Police Dogs for Sale

Getting a Police K9 for your Organization

If you’re looking for a vendor to purchase fully or partially-trained canines for your institution, you naturally want to ensure that you choose a company that provides high-caliber working dogs that have been hand selected for the work and duties they will be doing. There are many breeders, trainers and sellers of police dogs and many companies provide police k9 training services, but not all are equal in the quality of the animals or the services they provide.

Police Dog Breeds

The breed of the dog will depend on the kind of work the dog has to perform. For example, breeds such as labradors and beagles with their excellent olfactory skills make excellent drug detection dogs, and large strong breeds such as german shepherds, belgian malinois and dobermans are commonly put through protection dog training, while search and rescue training may be given to breeds such as golden retrievers and border collies. Dog breeds with a high prey drive are usually selected to undergo police dog training because they have the energy, stamina and physical strength to carry out the work.

Some organizations and breeders many have puppies of certain breeds, such as german shepherd puppies, for sale that have been specifically bred to become police dogs. Their parents were chosen because they have the correct temperament and prey drive for the job. Purchasing one of these canines can make the training process easier because the breeder specially chose parents who will produce a good litter of dogs with the inherent characteristics and traits to become successful police canines.

police dog breeds

Training and Experience

An active police dog needs to have undergone extensive obedience training in addition to being trained to do it’s specific jobs and duties before being put to work. These animals assist their handlers in a variety of different ways while on duty. Police k9 training can involve tracking, narcotics detection, explosives detection, defense and search and rescue.

police k9 trainingMost of the police animals available for sale have not been trained to do any specific jobs yet, but have usually undergone basic obedience training and been throughly tested to ensure that their personality and character traits will make them fine working animals. If you have enough time to work on training a dog yourself or with the help of a trainer, you can consider puppies that the breeder or seller has identified have the right temperament to become an excellent working animals. Most untrained or partially-trained canines are tested for their prey drive, level of obedience, socialization and how they behave around different people and other animals.

There are many organizations that offer specialized training for police animals and their handlers, and in some cases the seller and the breeder also offer training services for their own dogs. This occupational training goes far beyond basic obedience skills, and involves extended courses in controlling the animal while it is doing its job and directing the dog through the various environments the animal will be working, including in forests, dense urban areas and more.

Cost and Level of Training

Prices vary depending on the dog’s age and level of training, but in general the more training and experience a dog has had and the better the quality of the breeding, the more expensive the animal will be. Well-breed puppies intended to become working dogs can cost upwards of $2,000, while fully-trained adult dogs can cost from $5,000 to more than $15,000. Although a fully-trained working dog can be expensive, the time, energy and money you will save by not having to put the animal through the training process is usually more than worth it.

It’s a good idea to look for independent reviews of any company that has police dogs for sale, and it’s usually well worth paying for more expensive animals that have been breed by reputable and professional breeders.

Handler Training

If you want to work with a highly-trained police animal on a daily basis, it’s almost certain that you’re going to need to get some “handler training” – i.e. instruction from an expert on how to control and manage the canine in the situations it will be facing. Training programs can be extensive and last for up to several months, depending on the nature of the work the dog will be doing. There really isn’t such a thing as too much training, and all institutions need to ensure that all the individuals who frequently interact with the dog are as thoroughly-trained as the dog is.

german shepherd police dog

The Allure of Police Dogs for Private Use

Many people don’t believe that it’s true, but it is – there are fully-trained and experienced police dogs available for purchase by the general public from a variety of sources. Canines that have undergone special instruction in police work only have “careers” within the police force that last a few years, after which they are usually either sold to an individual or organization who is looking for an adult working dog trained in that line of work or are “retired” and essentially become pets and are placed into a household that can accommodate an older dog.

The retirement age varies for police dogs, depending on the breed and the kind of work it has done in the past, but retired dogs are given to a loving home where they can enjoy being someone’s pet in their later years. In some instances you’ll find that these dogs retire with the police officer who was the dog’s handler if they developed a close bond while working. But more often than not, they get retired and sent to families who want an adult dog in their home. If you were to purchase one of these canines, you’d have a dog that has received far more training and is far more disciplined than the average pet. However, if you want a full-time working dog for many years, you should look for a young dog or even consider getting a puppy and working with an experienced trainer to help you to get the animal to the level of training you need.

protection dog trainingPolice canines are available for sale at all ages, so before starting your search it’s a good idea to consider how long you will want to have the dog and what duties you need it to be able to perform. Some companies will sell canines that have been trained to become police dogs to the general public, while others only sell to official organizations and their representatives. In some cases, retired police animals will be placed into a suitable home by a not-for-profit rescue organization at no cost.

Getting a retired police dog or a canine bred to become a police dog can help you in a variety of tasks, including acting as a guard dog or protection dog, acting as a medical alert dog (especially drug sniffer dogs) or even just as a disciplined family pet.

It can be easy to overlook one crucial part of having a highly-trained working dog: getting training yourself on how to control the animal. Being able to exercise proper control over the dog is essential to making sure you don’t run into problems. Having a working dog trained in controlled attacks or in other duties can be a much more challenging experience than just having a family pet who loafs around on the sofa for most of the day. Unless you are experienced at handling working dogs, getting some professional instruction is usually going to be the best way to ensure you don’t “bite off more than you can chew”.

police dogs for sale

Also Consider Ex-Military Dogs and Guard Dogs

Another option to consider if you are looking for a canine trained to do a certain job is to look for ex-military dogs available for adoption. Military working canines are usually placed in appropriate homes after their working career is over, sometimes with one of the handlers who worked with the dog. Like police dogs, these canines have been through specialized instruction and will probably be more “work” for your family than just having a dog breed to be a pet in your home. Nevertheless, like all dogs, military dogs crave love and attention, and can get along very well with children. While they are enjoying their retirement from active duty they can make great family pets for households that are prepared to accommodate them.

Also, if you’re just looking for a dog to protect your property, you can look for guard dogs for sale. These dogs are trained to warn and attack intruders if they come onto your land or try to break into your home, and can be more effective at preventing break-ins than many high-tech alarm systems or security cameras. Guard dogs are not considered pets, and should not be treated as such. Like police canines, guard dogs generally require special instruction in how to handle and control them.

ex-military guard dogs for sale

Therapy Dogs for Sale

Therapy dogs do not undergo any specific training to do any jobs or tasks for their handlers. Instead, these canine helpers assist in special needs schools, nursing homes and hospitals by providing affection and support for people suffering from various mental and physical conditions. Many patients find that having a dog with a patient and loving temperament is a much more effective therapy than most medications. Although they aren’t trained to do any specific tasks, they must nevertheless undergo obedience training and be able to behave in public places, and they are usually required by the seller to pass an exam such as the Canine Good Citizen Test or the Therapy Dog International Test (although this isn’t a legal requirement).

Therapy dogs can be a great help to many people in helping them return to health or by providing comfort to the elderly. These little canine helpers are an invaluable comfort to all kinds of people all over the world. Their gentle and sweet disposition and ability to give unconditional love to their humans can make all the difference to someone going through a severe trauma or suffering from a debilitating medical condition. Therapy dogs and emotional support dogs provide not only comfort and support but also companionship to many people going through difficult times.

therapy and service dogs for sale

Service Dogs

Service dogs (AKA assistance dogs) are trained to help their disabled handler with a variety to jobs and tasks, including mobility assistance, medical alert, seizure alert, helping to calm people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and much more. They are commonly trained to fetch and pick up tools and objects around the home, opening and closing doors, and with many other tasks that helps their owner to become more independent in everyday life. You can find service dogs for sale fully-trained, partially-trained or not trained at all, in which case you will either have to complete training the animal yourself or hire a professional trainer.

Also, service dogs are protected under federal law (The Americans with Disabilities Act) and are granted full access to all public places in the United States.


Therapy and Service Animal Costs

In most cases, if you see therapy dogs for sale advertised online, these dogs have either been adopted from rescue shelters and then (after being given a thorough medical examination by a vet) had their temperament and personality tested to ensure they are suitable to become a therapy animals, or they have been breed specifically to become a therapy animal. Either way, therapy dogs are usually more expensive than most pet dog breeds, and can cost between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on a variety of factors including age, breed, pedigree, history, location, and level of training (if any).

therapy k9 trainingTrained service dogs can be even more expensive, costing more anywhere from $5,000 to more than $25,000 depending on the quality and extent of the training. Many of the companies that specialize in training service dogs offer complete programs where they select the right animal with the right skills and training for their customer’s individual needs and provide all the necessary materials to make their paring a success, including instructing the customer in how to control the dog while in public and how to care for and provide for the animal’s needs.

Although service animals can seen expensive, you have to consider the total cost of training, vet bills, room and board, food, dog toys and accessories and the other costs associated with raising a specialized working dog. If you are a veteran or are experiencing financial hardship, there are often non-profit organizations that can help with funding the cost of a therapy or service dog. If you or a loved one are in need of a service animal quickly, there are resources and organizations dedicated to making sure that people who need service dogs do get them and the all the training they need to be able to make the most of their new canine companion.

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