Sending Your Dog to a K9 Academy for Training

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One of the most effective ways to train your dog is to send him or her to a k9 academy. A k9 training academy may sound like a sophisticated university for dogs, but it’s actually a fairly simple (but nonetheless highly effective) course of dog obedience training and working on behavior problems. By being able to work with experienced and dedicated dog trainers, your pet will make significant progress in a relatively short period of time. In this environment, your dog will be around trainers and staff who will be able to instruct your dog using the most effective training methods along with other dogs of similar size and who are at a similar level of training. K9 training camps have consistently been proven to be one of the best ways for any breed of dog to excel in training.

What Does a K9 Academy Aim to Achieve?

Obedience Training

Obedience training is divided into two areas: on leash and off leash. Trainers begin with on leash obedience training and teach dogs the basic commands of “sit”, “sit stay”, “down”, “down stay”, and “come” with voice commands and hand signals. In addition to these, one of the most important commands is “no”, which will be taught so you can stop your dog doing whatever he/she is doing. This command can be crucial for keeping your pet safe in potentially dangerous situations.

Off leash obedience training can be more challenging for a dog to learn, but allows you to retain control of your pet under all situations, even over long distances.

Behavior Problems

A k9 training academy will help to resolve any behavior problems your dog may have developed, and give your dog the right foundations to prevent further behavioral problems from developing.

Ignoring Distractions

More advanced courses will involve training with distractions, external noise and sometimes in public places to ensure that you dog remains focused on you as you are giving commands. Naturally, this is more difficult to teach than a basic “sit”, so only those dogs who have been through the basic levels of training can progress onto this.

It’s usually much easier to train a dog in the comfort and quiet of your own home than on a busy street or in a public place, but it’s essential that you are able to retain control of your pet in these environments. This particular aspect of training almost always needs a professional. A dog can easily become stressed, anxious or nervous while training in unfamiliar places, or become very distracted by outside noises, scents, other people, other dogs, and other animals such as squirrels and cats. For this reason, it can be challenging to train any dog to ignore distractions and focus on you. The trainers at a k9 academy will be experienced at working with all kinds of dogs and getting them to the stage where they are able to ignore distractions and remain focused.

a-dog-training-campHow Effective is a K9 Academy?

Every dog needs to be trained in the essential skills of obedience and basic manners, not just to make your life easier as a dog owner, but for your pet’s own safety. A well-trained dog will be able walk politely on a leash, sit and wait for food, not steal food from the kitchen, and not eat food or drink water from suspect sources.

As the old saying goes, “a happy dog is a well-trained dog”, and that has never been more true. Dogs are happiest when they know and understand the routines of their household and what is expected of them by their owners, and the key to having a happy, well-balanced, obedient dog who lives in harmony with the human family is good dog training.

The Benefits of a Dog Boarding and Training Camp

A k9 training academy is not only one of the best but also one of the most practical ways of training your dog. A canine training academy provides your dog with a routine of daily training, playing, socializing with other dogs and people, and a regular schedule of food and grooming. This kind of structured environment where all the dogs are working on training collectively and individually with trainers almost always results in dogs making a great deal of progress very quickly.

A dog academy course can last anywhere from a couple days to several weeks, but about 1-2 weeks is the most common duration. Most pet owners are very surprised when they come to pick up their pets and see that they are not only much more disciplined and obedient but have had plenty of fun and exercise as well!

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How Safe is a K9 Training Camp?

Many people wonder “is it safe to leave my pet dog with complete strangers?” It’s only natural to be concerned about your pet’s wellbeing and safety, and all good dog boot camps provide excellent facilities with ample safety precautions. Usually, all the dogs at a k9 academy are given regular medical checkups in addition to their daily routine of training, exercise and playing.

All the dogs are kept under the supervision of the professional dog trainers and the staff of the facility, and it’s very rare for pet owners to experience any kind of problems when sending their dog to a k9 academy. Quite the opposite, in fact. Most are surprised at how effective they are and how much easier it is to live with their pets once they’ve been on a “working vacation”.

How Much Does a Dog Training Academy Cost?

The cost of any kind of dog training varies depending on the experience of the trainers, the quality and length of the training, and also varies by location. The cost of a dog board and train program can vary, but you should expect to pay about $1,000 for a 1 week course, $2,000 for a 2 week course, $2,500-$3,000 for a 3 week course and about $4,000 for 5 week course. In other words, the cost is approximately $1,000 per week, and the longer the duration of the program the better deal you get.

good dog trainingThe old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply to k9 training courses. Many excellent training schools can be found all over the country, and some of the best don’t spend any money on advertising or promotion and have much lower operating costs than larger companies, and can therefore charge a lower price and still offer exceptional value. One of the best ways of finding a good k9 academy in your area is to do a Google search and make a list of local dog trainers, and then ask other dog owners if they can recommend any of the companies on your list. A positive in-person review from another dog owner is usually much more convincing than just reading online reviews.

Another benefit of a dog training camp is you can send your dog(s) there while you are away on vacation or moving house. This can effectively turn “dead” time into productive time, and instead of spending money on kennels and boarding, your dog will be learning and progressing at a dedicated dog training school for the whole “vacation”.

If you’re looking to compare the cost of a k9 academy with private lessons or weekly group dog training classes, here are some guidelines about the differing costs:

A 2 hour in-home private training session costs about $200-$300. A session with a private trainer to resolve a specific behavior problem can cost even more. Weekly group training classes generally cost about $100 per session.

One option to consider to get a cheaper dog training program is to look for a not-for-profit organization such as an animal rescue shelter that offers training programs and courses. These are usually much cheaper than for-profit companies and can still offer you good quality training from experienced dog handlers.

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