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Dogs fill so many different roles in our lives – companions, friends, playmates, teachers, and even comedians, but many go beyond just being pets to fill an even greater role as guard dogs. Many people become enthralled with the idea of a dog that protects them, their family, and their home. Guard dogs are nothing new – in the tens of thousands of years that humans and canines have co-existed dogs have been used to guard people and their dwellings against all kinds of intruders and threats. When trained correctly, a guard dog can be one of the best ways protect yourself, your family and your property. A dog can be trained to guard just about anything with unswerving loyalty. These canine heroes can also be wonderful family pets as well, even around small children and babies. If you’re looking for guard dogs for sale, you can look no further – this article is the one and only primer you need to make sure you get the dog that suits your needs perfectly.

Everything You Need to Know About Guard Dogs

Guard dogs can be a reliable protection dog and a family pet who will be able to guard whatever you need. These highly-skilled canines are put through extensive obedience and defense training, and are extremely loyal to their owners. In addition to their work as guard dogs, they can also be loving pets that have fun with all members of the family. They can get along wonderfully with children and other pets, making them both protectors and companions. Guard dogs can truly be man’s best friend in the diverse roles they fill in many people’s lives. These dogs can travel with to defend you or remain at home to guard your property while you are away.

You can purchase fully-trained guard dogs that have been breed and raised for this sole purpose, or you can buy a puppy or an adult dog and begin training him yourself or working with a professional trainer. Either way, you will have a highly-trained animal to guard your family and valuables, and a companion who you will enjoy playing with and traveling with.

Ultimately, the true purpose of a guard dog is to keep you and your family safe, and to defend your property against intruders. These guardians are members of the family and travel with you wherever you go and wherever you are, your guard dog will be there protecting you against any threats you may encounter.

german shepherd guard dog

Guard Dog Breeds

Some breeds have the right temperament and traits to become excellent guard dogs and others don’t. Most small dog breeds don’t make good guard dogs compared to medium-size and large breeds.

German shepherds are by far the most popular breed of guard dog – they are strong, intelligent, and very versatile animals who excel as protection dogs and family pets. Rottweilers with their athletic and strong frames and powerful bite make excellent guard dogs, as do dobermans and bull molossers.

How Much Does a Guard Dog Cost?

The price of a guard dog will depend on the animal’s breed, age, pedigree, level of training and experience and many other factors. For a trained animal, prices are usually between $5,000 and $10,000, sometimes more for dogs with highly-regarded bloodlines.

Puppies for Sale

You can also consider training a puppy or looking for puppies for sale that have been breed to become guard dogs. By getting a puppy you can complete the protection dog training process yourself and get first hand experience at how these animals learn and are prepared for their work. Naturally, this option isn’t going to be suitable if you need a guard dog immediately.

protection dog training at a k9 academyConsider the Source

Before you pay for any dog, make sure that you thoroughly check out the animal’s history and origins. There are many excellent breeders who consistently produce healthy and strong dogs, but unfortunately there are also many breeders who take shortcuts or lie about their animals and sell dogs with genetic disorders or health problems. Also, some trainers are more experienced and simply better than others. Make sure you check for third party reviews of any breeder, vendor or trainer and, if possible, take a look at some of the dog’s they produce while there are in action.

If you’re going to buy a trained guard dog, make sure that you know whether or not the training begins at a young age, or if you’re getting one that has been trained as an adult. You can also check to see if they were previously police dogs, assistance animals, or any type of specific work animal. Dogs that have a history of police work will have been put through extensive obedience and defense training and will likely make great guard dogs for your family. Without doing research beforehand, you could end up purchasing an unsuitable or unreliable animal.


Online Resources

Of course, you want to ensure that you find the right dog for your needs at the right price. Most people will begin to look online for guard dogs for sale near where they live, but this isn’t always the best way to locate the right animal. Often you can find a much better animal from an internationally-renowned trainer in another state or even another country at a more reasonable price and you can get much better value by having the dog shipped to you. But, make sure you meet any dog you’re interested in beforehand, and see if their temperament and skills are a good match for your needs.

Another way to find the right dog is to narrow down your search to only specific breeds if you have one in mind that you want. However, don’t discount other breeds off-hand. You may find that a breed you weren’t considering is ideally suited to your needs.

By checking online you can see if there are any local resources or guard dog trainers in your are so you can speak to someone experienced in training and handling guard and protection dogs. This will also give you a change to see some guard dogs in action and get a feel for what they can do. K9 training can be challenging and frustrating, but a good dog trainer will be able to help you to pick out the right dog for your needs.

guard dogs for sale

Balancing Value with Price

At the end of the day, you’re going to need to consider the price tag. Price can dictate which route you go with the dog you want to purchase. The higher cost of fully-trained guard dogs may prevent you from being able to purchase an adult canine, but you always have the option of buying a puppy and working through the training step by step, effectively spreading out the cost over the dog’s life instead of having to make one large purchase. Either way, be careful when purchasing canines from companies you aren’t familiar with – remember that you have to live with the animal in the near future.

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