What is a Dog Training Camp?

dog training camp

Every dog owner dreams of having the perfect dog: a well-trained, obedient, faithful and loyal canine. That dream is not a wild fantasy – there are such dogs, and the only difference between a perfectly-behaved dog and a canine disaster is the amount and quality of training the dog has received.

A dog training camp (AKA “camp k9” or “k9 academy”) is a dog boarding and training program that can last from just a few days to several weeks. A dog training camp aims to put your pet through an intensive course of various kinds of dog training and resolve common behavior problems with professional dog trainers. But a k9 camp isn’t all hard work – they also give your dog time to play with other dogs under the supervision of the staff of the training facility and to respectfully socialize with different people and other dogs.

Obedience Training

The ultimate goal of obedience training is to be able to control your dog at all times in all situations with or without a leash. As you may have guessed, the “without a leash” part is a bit more tricky.

An obedient dog will be able to accompany his or her owners just about everywhere they go – into restaurants, cafes, on camping trips, to the park or woods – just about anywhere. But getting to the stage where your dog is disciplined enough to be a take-everywhere pet takes can take some time and some hard work, but rest assured that it’s more than worth it.

A dog obedience course covers not just the basic commands of “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “down”, but also teaches your pet how to politely socialize with different people, other dogs and other animals. It’s crucial that your dog is able to interact with other people and animals in a safe and calm manner, and this alone can help to prevent many common behavior problems.

good dog trainingThe most essential commands can be given by voice or by hand signals. Voice commands are usually the most common (because dogs have such excellent hearing they can hear voice commands over long distances), but hand signals can be even more effective for keeping a dog concentrated and focused.

Additionally, an obedience course at a dog training camp can involve physical training such as an agility course, mental stimulation such as dog puzzles and games, and follow-up training in different locations such as your home and public spaces that the dog is likely to visit. More advanced training can cover off-leash commands from a distance, heel work and training with distractions. A k9 training camp can also help if your dog is sensitive to loud or unfamiliar noises by desensitizing your pet and removing his or her fear of the noise.

Depending on a host of factors including your dog’s breed and age, it can take some time for your dog to master obedience training, but the structured environment of a dog training camp is by far the best way for your pet to make the most progress in the shortest period of time.

A Well-Behaved Pet at Home and in Public

my pet dogA k9 camp will teach your dog to behave in a polite way while at home and in public places with strangers. But having a well-behaved pet isn’t just about learning commands; it’s also crucial that your dog learns manners for his or her own safety. Naturally, you want your dog to remain safe and not drink from unknown water sources or eat from trash cans or other places where the food may present a health hazard.

This is why it’s essential that all dogs have the basic commands of “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “come” fully mastered. By being able to instantly respond to this commands, you can make sure your dog is patiently waiting for you while you are busy and prevent your dog from unintentionally injuring him/herself. This will make your life at home and in public with your dog so much less stressful and more peaceful. Imagine having a dog that always politely waits for food and water, doesn’t ever take food from kitchen countertops, waits patiently by the door for you to open it, doesn’t beg at the table and doesn’t bother guests by jumping all over them or bark at visitors. All of this is possible with time and a good trainer, and a dog training camp is the quickest ways to progress in training any dog.

Dog training is as much about training the human members of the family as it is about training the dog. Probably the most common reason why many people have difficulty controlling their dog is a lack of consistency. Although most aren’t aware of it, many dog owners give inconsistent commands and this causes their dogs to become confused and unable to understand what their owner wants. This is why consistency is crucial. Everyone in your family must know how to consistently use the right commands to maintain control of your dog. Dogs want and need this kind of structured environment in order to live happy and well-balanced lives.


No matter what breed of dog your beloved pet is, you should be able to find a k9 training camp reasonably close to where you live. Additionally, if your pet needs to work on a specific challenge or problem you can see if the training school offers one-on-one in home lessons. Also, if you have a puppy it’s a good idea to enroll in a group puppy obedience course, which is one of the best ways to get your new pet started on the right foot (or paw) and will prevent many future behavior problems. A small amount of puppy training is more effective at creating an obedient pet than a large amount of adult dog training.

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