Dog Boarding in Atlanta, GA

Dog Boarding During Holidays and Business Trips

Everyone goes on a vacation at some point, but when you have pets it isn’t as simple as just leaving them alone for a while. It can be worrying trying to find somewhere safe and secure to leave your furry companions when you leave town. Undoubtedly, the best option is to look for a good dog boarding company near where you live. If you have done an online search for “dog boarding Atlanta”, you know that there are many companies offering boarding and doggy day care, and naturally you want to choose one that will look after your dog with love and care while you’re away. If you aren’t familiar with boarding and dog kennels, or you’re not sure where to start your search, our quick and helpful guide can help you to choose where to leave your pet so you can have absolute peace of mind knowing that he or she is in the best possible care.


Experts to Take Care of Your Pet in Atlanta

dog boarding atlantaWhether you’re going on a long vacation, a short business trip or a weekend out of town, an excellent dog boarding business will take care of your pet and provide for his or her needs during your absence. Boarding companies will have the facilities and resources to take care of your pet and provide for his or her unique needs during your absence, and they can accommodate all kinds of dogs, from hyper puppies to calm senior dogs. You may be gone for a day, a week, two weeks, or longer, but with an excellent boarding company you can ensure that your dog will get fed the appropriate diet, given adequate exercise and mental stimulation, be played with, and be part of a loving and respectful environment.

Yes, most dogs will experience their own kind of sadness while their owners are away, and they probably won’t completely understand what is going on, but this is only temporary. They will adjust and when you return, they’ll be all the more overjoyed that you’re back after having had a “vacation” themselves. Also, many dogs have so much fun and are so busy with activities during their canine holiday that they don’t have time to miss their owners! The professionals who work at dog boarding companies are not only trained to handle different dog breeds and the different temperaments of each unique and individual pet, but they focus on making sure that the animals under their care are given plenty of activities and are well-loved, and not just crammed into cages as many people imagine.

After a day of activities and playing with other dogs, your pet will be given his own private “den” to chill out and relax in. The best dog boarders aim to create a comfortable and safe environment for your pet (the doggy equivalent of staying in a luxury hotel!). The boarding company should also provide grooming and medical assistance, if necessary. If your pet has any special needs, such as specific dietary requirements or needs certain medication, you should give the staff advanced notice and ensure they have all the supplies they need to properly care for your furry friend.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and naturally you want to make sure you’re providing a safe, comfortable and convivial environment for your pet while you’re away. The routine and structure of dog boarding balances play time, meals, training, grooming and treats to give you pet the best “home away from home” experience. Bedding and toys are usually provided, but you can bring your dog’s own bed a favorite toys if you prefer.

dog boot camp in atlanta ga

Providing a Save Haven For Your Dog While You’re Away

Aside from taking care of your pet, you’ll find that if you invest in dog boarding, your dog will be safe and you’ll get the peace of mind you need to really enjoy your vacation. Unfortunately, just leaving leaving your dog in the care of a pet sitter who comes by the house daily usually isn’t a viable option, and it can be dangerous to leave your dog in your home while you are away for an extended period. It’s best for your pet’s health to leave him or her at a boarding location where trained professionals are nearby all day, every day. Dogs can easily panic or experience separation anxiety, and when they do, they can unintentionally damage your home or even harm themselves. It’s best not to leave them at home, but at a safe and clean location with other dogs and trained staff to provide for their physical and mental wellbeing.

With adequate indoor and outdoor space to run and play, and other dogs of similar size and level of activity needs, your dog will be having a blast and meet some new playmates (usually, dogs are grouped together by size and exercise requirements).

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Dog Boarding and Training “Boot Camps”

Another option to consider is sending your pet to a so-called “dog boot camp” or “board and train” program. This can be an excellent way to leave your pet in professional care while also working on some training. The facility’s dedicated dog trainers will teach your pet obedience commands, manners, etiquette, heel work and much more. This will save you time and energy in training your dog yourself if you have a new puppy, or it can help to brush up on basic training or work on resolving behavior problems if you have an older dog.

This way, you get the best of both worlds, you get a safe and healthy place for your dog to stay and get the exercise and playtime he or she needs, and it will productively use the time in helping to work on training and learning new essential skills.

Like dog day care and boarding programs, dog training camps can be anywhere from a couple days to several weeks, depending on how long you intend to be gone. In Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs, there are many excellent dog boarding companies that will provide for even the most specialized of needs.

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