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Dogs need their vacations too! There will inevitably be a time when your furry companion needs to left in caring hands while you are away, moving house or unable to care for your pet. Many people are understandably nervous about leaving their pet with complete strangers. Modern dog boarding and dog daycare facilities are clean and comfortable and allow your pet to play and relax while under the supervision of trained staff and employees. Good quality food, fresh water, toys and comfortable bedding is provided, and veterinary care is always on call in case of any emergencies. Additionally, all dogs are given time to relax in their own private space.

Sending Your Dog to a K9 Camp

A dog boarding facility is definitely the best option if you’re looking for somewhere safe and secure for your beloved pet to stay, even more so than with relatives or friends. Dog “vacation” camps have the resources and facilities to care for all kinds of dogs, and offer a clean and safe place for your dog to play and rest. All the staff are trained in caring for canines of different breeds and temperaments.

A Safe Place for Your Pet to Stay

Your dog will be having fun and playing with other dogs while under the care of the facility’s staff. Employees at k9 camps are dog lovers themselves, and love nothing more than spending their day with a group of dogs. They provide the kind of loving and personalized care that give their own pets, and they are also trained to handle medical issues and ensure that your dog is kept safe at all times. With trained and experienced staff overseeing the animals 24/7, you needn’t worry about your pet’s safety.

It’s a Dog’s Life – All Playing, Fun and Relaxing

Dog boarding and daycare camps give your pet a chance to play with other dogs and staff members in their dedicated facility. Not only will your dog get plenty of personal attention, the environment will promote healthy play and recreation.

Many k9 camps have large outdoor spaces for your pet to play and exercise, and personal spaces indoors to relax and rest during the night (if you require overnight boarding). Many also blend some k9 training with playing and exercising, so your dog will be learning as well as having fun.


It should be possible to find a high-quality dog day care and boarding camp in your area, and it’s a good idea to search for independent reviews before deciding to send your pet to any one. Most major cities and large urban areas will have several to choose from, and thanks to the competitiveness of the industry most of them will offer a good service at a good price.

Love and Care for Your Pet

A camp k9 isn’t just about leaving your dog with someone to watch over him or her while you are gone. A dog daycare camp is a personalized service, and the staff will be dog lovers themselves. They can give your dog some love and affection and personal attention. In addition to indoor and outdoor play, all the dogs are given personalized grooming and bathing, and sometimes even individual dog training sessions. Dogs are grouped together by size and temperament to ensure that dogs with similar personalities remain together.

Home Away From Home

my pet dog at a boot campAt the end of the day, you want your pet to stay somewhere where he or she will be treated in the same way that you would at home. It’s this kind of personal attention that differentiates a really great dog boarding camp from a plain old dog kennel. Although many pet owners are concerned that their dogs will miss them, the truth is that most dogs love to play and rest at a daycare camp and return home refreshed and rejuvenated – i.e. a true “vacation for dogs”. You can think of a camp k9 as a place where your dog will enjoy spending some down time, being in a different environment and playing with some new canine friends.

Your dog is a member of your family and deserves to be treated as such. The responsibility of caring for your dog is something to be taken very seriously. When you leave your pet in the care of a dog boarding business, you are leaving your pet in hands of people who are not just professionals at caring for dogs but true dog lovers.

Catering to Your Pet’s Uniqueness

If your dog has a special diet or certain food allergies, be sure and inform the staff in advance so they can accommodate this. Communication with the facility’s employees beforehand is essential to ensure that they are aware of your dog’s unique needs and requirements. Also, you can bring your pet’s favorite toys and bedding so your dog feel even more at home during their holiday.

Security and Safety Precautions

Security and safety is naturally a top priority for a k9 camp. Only trained employees will be in contact with the animals, and in addition to physical measures to prevent anyone from entering the facility or any of the dogs being able to leave and potentially injure themselves, many employ the use of security cameras and sometimes even live web cams, so you can view what your dog is doing live over the Internet.

Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Costs

dog boot campDog boarding and daycare camps usually charge per day and often give discounted rates for extended stays. One day of dog daycare usually costs between $40-$60, and a half day (6 hours or less) typically costs around $25-$40. An extended stay of 8-10 days can cost between $400-$500.

A single overnight stay can cost between $50-$70. For 10 days and nights of stay, the cost can be about $500-$700, and for 20 days and nights of stay the cost can be between $1,100-$1,300. All of these costs are usually inclusive of all meals. Also, a private room may cost extra. If you are boarding more than one dog you can usually get a discounted rate.

Holiday times are usually the busiest times for any kind of dog boarding, as is the summer and spring breaks. It’s a good idea to book well in advance if you want to board your pets during these times. Sometimes you can also get a discount for booking in advance or for being a repeat customer.

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