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We here at Make Your Dog A Service Dog are a team of writers and dog enthusiasts dedicated to providing you with the best information about service, therapy and guard dog training and closely related topics. We know and understand that it can be frustrating being unable to find accurate and reliable information on this subject online, and much of this information is contradictory and can leave you confused as to what exactly you need to do to get and train an assistance dog to help you with whatever challenges you may be facing in your life at the present.

That is precisely why we created this website – to provide you with the best tips and advice on service dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs and guard dogs, no matter what your dog training needs are. We have articles that cover a variety of different aspects of the training and certification process and the specific requirements to make your own dog a service or therapy dog. We also have articles devoted to showing you where to purchase the best trained animals and training tools to suit your needs.

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